5 Best Anime Shoe Collabs of All Time

Explore the 5 Best Anime Shoe Collabs of All Time. Dive into the perfect fusion of animation and footwear, shaping fashion history.
5 Best Anime Shoe Collabs of All Time

5 Best Anime Shoe Collabs of All Time

Take a stroll with us down memory lane as we look at the best anime shoe collaborations. From Adidas to Converse, discover unique designs that capture the essence of your favorite anime characters.


  • Introduction
  • The Intersection of Anime and Fashion
  • Adidas X Dragon Ball Z
  • Nike X Demon Slayer
  • Converse X One Piece
  • Vans X Naruto
  • New Balance X Evangelion
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


Fan culture extends beyond TV screens, infiltrating various aspects of lifestyle, from clothing to footwear. Here, we explore some epic collaborations that brought the world of anime to the soles of sneaker enthusiasts.

The Intersection of Anime and Fashion

When anime and fashion intersect, the results are incredible. Some of the most iconic anime sneakers are the result of major brands partnering with anime franchises, creating shoes that both sneakerheads and otaku can appreciate.

Adidas X Dragon Ball Z

This Adidas collaboration is one of the most ambitious anime sneaker releases, spanning seven unique designs representing key Dragon Ball Z characters. Each shoe delivers a blend of Adidas' quality and the vibrancy of Dragon Ball Z.

Nike X Demon Slayer

Nike's Demon Slayer-themed anime sneakers have become instant classics. They are subtly designed, making them wearable on any occasion while still capturing the aesthetic of the popular anime series.

Converse X One Piece

Converse took a trip to the Grand Line with the release of their One Piece collaboration. The designs imbibe the spirit of the Straw Hat Crew, offering a bold and unique addition to any anime sneaker collection.

Vans X Naruto

Vans' partnership with Naruto resulted in vibrant designs that truly capture the heart of the series. Every pair from this collab adds a unique flair to the iconic Vans silhouette with artistic graphics inspired by the anime.

New Balance X Evangelion

For a more subtle approach, the New Balance and Evangelion collab offers a sleek design with colorways inspired by the anime's aesthetic. It's the perfect combination of style and homage to the classic anime series.


With the anime culture deeply intertwined with fashion, more anime shoe collaborations are bound to happen. Whether you're a sneaker enthusiast, anime fan, or both, these shoes offer a unique way to express your fandom and style.


1. What was the first anime shoe collaboration?

The first major anime shoe collaboration was between Nike and the anime series, "Slam Dunk" back in 2005.

2. Are anime shoe collaborations limited edition?

Yes, most anime shoe collaborations are limited edition. They're often released in limited quantities and aren't restocked once sold out.

3. How much do anime shoes typically cost?

Prices vary based on the brand, design, and rarity of the shoe. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between $100 to $300.

4. Where can I buy anime shoes?

Most anime shoes can be bought directly from the brand's official website, authorized retailers, or on the Ayuko Shop.

5. Do anime shoes come in different sizes?

Yes, anime shoes typically come in a variety of sizes, similar to regular shoes. However, availability may depend on the brand and the specific collaboration.

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